The primary aim of sports massage is to help the sports person achieve peak performance, prevent injury and help support the healing of any existing injuries. Sports massage is a deep tissue treatment that can benefit not only athletes but anyone who experiences problems such as the day to day niggles most of us suffer…stiff neck or aching back anyone?

Regular massage treatments can:


  • Soften, lengthen and stretch  soft tissues, relieving tension and stiffness and decreasing  muscle spasms

  • Reduce pain by stimulating and soothing receptors in the skin, inducing relaxation and a sense of well being

  • Improve and speed up recovery process by increasing circulation, bringing a fresh blood supply with more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues whilst at the same time flushing out toxic waste (metabolites)

  • Increase range of motion and flexibility by decreasing restrictions of soft tissue and relieving tension of muscles around a joint

  • Improve and speed up healing process with techniques that break down poor quality scar tissue and prevent excess scar tissue developing

  • Loosen adhesions of muscle tissue (knots) allowing the blood to flow through stimulating a natural healing process

  • Increase tissue flexibility, keeping them more mobile by stretching the tissues in all directions in ways not possible by conventional exercise

  • Affect and stimulate the central nervous system increasing positive input and relieving overall tension in the body which can be responsible for physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders and high blood pressure. This accounts for the feel good factor and general sense of wellbeing after a massage treatment


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